Elevated In Self-Indulgent Glories

Tuesdays are the bane of my existence. It is the close relative of the woefully, mundane Mondays where people are still trying to recover getting hungover from fleetingly promises of Sundays however pretends to be cool by being closer to the weekend by a day. However Tuesdays seems to superficially add onto the hope of […]

The Curious Case of Never Growing Up

To ANYONE who doesn’t see the sin, or wrongness of murder of any kind is misguided. No justification, whether it be related to a doctrine, law or someone’s attitude can change that. This transcends any kind of belief system, political ideology or agenda. Murder is wrong.

My Eurovision 2016 – Verdict

It’s no secret, I’m a die-hard Eurovision viewer. I may not have the parties with friends, the costumes or the drinks, but I’ve always watched the show staying up to the late hours of the night watching what I consider an annual, spectacular extravaganza of the weird, zany, cringe-inducing, emotional and worthwhile events to sink […]

Built To Serve, Not To Sever.

Sometimes all it takes is a little push to experience something worthwhile. They say you gain a bit of insight the older that you get. And it’s true. I’ll admit, I’m a massive complainer and I find myself being extremely critical of things in the heat of the moment. This quality has both served me […]

The Fight To Be Free / Finality

It’s so bizarre how life can work sometimes. I spent pretty much every day trying to conceptualize the perfect entry to re-emerge as a different, enlightened individual. Striven to be more motivated, ambitious and social, I brainstormed mentally, agonizingly, everyday to just try and find the right words. The correct sentences. Everything that encapsulated my […]

Hurricanes of Sex and Self-Flagellation

A friend cheekily asked me quite randomly; Would you give oral sex to a stranger for a million dollars? Now before you flock to your predispositions, I love my friends and such questions are quite commonplace. It’s actually on par with the course for their wackiness and I’ve actually dubbed the phenomena “random questions night” […]

The Recolouration of Self-Prescribed Identity

The meaning and value of places really do change through time. As I’m writing this, I’m sitting at a library computer from where I spent 3.5 years of my life studying and trying to make sense of the world. Traditionally, computers at possibly any tertiary institution are arduously fought over, where demand exceeds supply to […]