Back To What We Know

“When everything fails, we always go back to what we know.” It’s been five years since the mass hysteria about the end of the world occurring. For those who might have forgotten, 2012 was the year where apparently the Mayans had predicted the apocalypse. It was our version of Y2K, where torrential storms, a meteor […]

The 10 Movies That Have Affected Me

  They say that knowing someone’s favourite things is liking peering into the windows of their soul. I’m thinking that came from Abraham Lincoln… cause he went from being a badass president to a badass vampire hunter in the span of centuries. And I’ll tell you what, that’s a pretty awesome transition. As I venture […]

48 Hours, No Sleep (Part I)

Going on more than 48 hours of no sleep is a pretty gruelling experience. It happened around last week, where for the life of me, I just wasn’t capable of sleep. No matter how tired I was, no matter how long I closed my eyes for, every fibre of my being would just not let […]

Sympathy for the New Media Devil

I remember when I was back in high school, the one thing I really wanted to be was a journalist. During year 10, I applied to so many newspaper and media outlets practically begging to become one for work experience week. I polished up, re-read and re-edited my applications so vigorously (and I never do […]