What intentionally started off as a simple chronicle motivated by a wayfaring fortune teller now has become a page hoping to inspire, relate and understand the overwhelming nature of the world in the eyes of an unconventional oddity of this universe. Dubbed the “Crepuscular Philosopher” by a close friend, I decided to put all the ramblings, struggles and optimism into a page which documented my life, how I felt, the views and beliefs that I have and the challenges of being a social misfit who thought about things a little too much. Little did I realize, he dubbed me the “Crepuscular Philosopher” as a joke since I only had a moment of “genius” at the wrong times where I couldn’t express it. Unfortunately, the untimely irony isn’t totally wrong, but rather that “genius” was a generous word for crazy.

When I’m in my zone, I can talk about a subject with brilliant focus in a very unfocused manner. Lacking a filter for whenever there are discussions that relate to me, I veer off to unexpected tangents and have a penchant for including strange but relevant tangents. I’m a classic walking contradiction, just like the nature of existence itself.

But I’m giving up some of the angst and just want to share my journey. And I really hope to get to know you all and stick for the ride.

Maybe we can learn from each other.




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