The War of Ideologies (Part I)

One thing that I’ve strongly disapproved of over the political climate that seems to be prevalent around the world is this trend of preferential extremity.

What I’m trying to allude to is that incessant coercion and disregard of intricacies in the forms of understanding and having perspective over the actual issues that revolve in the public sphere. Politics and the champion of the Western World; democracy is brutally flawed not only within it’s system but through it’s core, influence and lack of safeguards that allow humanity to twist it’s good intentions.

Now I’m not proposing that we fall under an authoritarian regime, but freedom seems comes with a large cost as it does benefit the rights of humans.

But before I get into that, from what I’ve personally experienced when discussing political debates with friends, family and with people in general is the sparse polarization that does not initially start with ideology, but with interest. As discussed with the last post about Abbott’s “surprise” victory, the spark of general interest within the tumultuous war of ideologies didn’t even receive a flicker or a spark of interest until the aftermath of the election results. Heated discussion only rose after the so called damage had been done (if you are a left-winger), or how Australia has found it’s saving grace (if you are a right-winger).

This phenomena, although not new to me made me introspective about the social conscience of certain societies. Politics, always a strong influence and of interest to me was always condemned by the masses. My International Relations class back in High School started with a hefty class of 25+ and then dwindled to a puny 7 or 10 (few dropped out within the year) come year 12 VCE. Many of my friends who’ve I’ve made in that class that dropped out had varying excuses such as;

  • Politics is boring.
  • I just don’t like it.
  • It’s interesting, but extremely hard.
  • I wanted to maximize my ENTER/ATAR (for you US kids this is the Australian equivalent of SAT score – or the score you get to try and enter College for everywhere else).
  • I lost interest
  • Classic: My friends aren’t doing it. And it’s not cool. (I have a funny story to share which will be explored below later on)

There were numerous other reasons but this phenomena astounded me. A country that enforces mandatory voting yet within one of the vital years of schooling/education (the rates of High School entry is higher than Tertiary Education) had not attempted to teach the significance or importance of actual politics towards children’s education. With a rough yet rich history, the Australian curriculum only started to emphasis the importance of its actual history a few decades ago – and the history of Indigenous Australians in less time.

Then it got me wondering… if children and students aren’t given the resources or are actively encouraged to neglect such matters through a high incidence of peer pressure resulting in this, how can the country itself suggest that people who vote are given the rights for making an informed decision every few or so years… And including that – many of the actual resource or information is through media.

Ah Media. Media to me is technologies well-intention gift that will never be immune to the taint of idealistic yet impractical lefties and strong, yet rigid righties.

With that adoring sentiment, there is of course a bias. As I discussed in the previous post, the trend seemed to be that liberals (left wingers) are much more vocal, but conservatives have strength in numbers and undying loyalty.

One in which relating towards Australian politics may have sparked an upset towards the Labor party’s downfall in trying to relate to the younger generations when statistically,

Since the figure is so high, why even bother trying having a mandatory voting system implemented when clearly Australian government throughout all these years have failed to provide three crucial factors within its democratic and political system

  • The Interest of the People – A lot of people did not care for the election… due to…
  • Lack of Education or Promotion for Awareness… and then trickles down to…
  • Social discontent within the society… and the allowance of corruption within the Government itself to be unambitious by the delivery of their promises.

No wonder why politics is seen as a massive farce and joke within Australia alone. The general, social apathy and minute yet rather questionable reasoning of ignorance due to such an important power that represents a basic human right for freedom is diminishing at every capacity through insidious hands is downright deplorable.

Although other countries in the world may have more social conscience in Australia, the division of such groups always is representative of too simplistic models of slogans that diminish and detract from the intricacies of the people’s actual desire and proper representation.

The simpleness of Conservative vs Liberal. Right Wing vs Left Wing. Coalition vs ALP.

If going by these catch-phrases, why must there be such derision between such ideologies? I’ve read stories were families and friends break up over these different sets of ideologies. People are killing each other because of differing ideologies all over the world. But to put plain and simply, why is the idealism of a democrat put down upon? Or the resolve of a conservative?

What is wrong trying to keep the interests of the Western world (the ones where all leftists flourish in) a high priority a problem worth fighting and dying over? Or why is welfare for our very own people who are the cornerstone of every generation (that right wingers need) a stupid thing?

What we lack is nuance. Take it like this – a person’s identity is a complex array of intricate quirks, traits, fears, desires, emotions and life experiences. In order to truly understand one person is not to categorize them and blanket label them. Your friend although has very strong traits that help you easily identify with them – but there are subtleties that you learn to be aware of that is much more deeper below the surface. How can the people have representation or feel like they are understood if our systems diminish that humanistic approach and dehumanize our liberties and freedoms?

How can a right-winger totally abolish the strong relationship and truly understand leftist sentiment when derision becomes automatic because of difference? How can a left-winger totally condescend fundamentals that they thrive in, that in itself is a privilege that right wingers have established for them?

For Australia’s sake, how can one be forced to vote when they don’t know the power or gravity of their choice – or the education/information necessary to believe the numbers they put down is representative of their aspirations and pride for their country? Is pride for Australia even existent apart from the ‘calm and laid-back’ attitudes being force fed by the media that poorly depict the actual ‘average’ Australian despite being suggested as such?

Food for thought,
Signing off….


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